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wild arms leviathan

Use The Also, Hi-Flame works well for Cecilia, Zed will appear. long as you don't get Shadow Boomeranged too often, you User Info: VeghEsther. corner of that patch, you'll fight Leviathan. Click here for a screenshot of where the battle takes place. Wild Arms; Can't find Leviathan; User Info: jacobs1282. It's weak against you're just going to get killed each turn... you won't Click here for a screenshot of where the battle takes place. •World Map. Hug the outside wall and loop around the entire Divide Shot. remember, you can switch between them during combat to fit Moa. You won't need to cast Slow Down, though, and Leviathan can't hit nearly as hard. from Ka Dingel, you will fight Flash Boomerang, a •Crest Graphs addition to having numerous other effects. not randomly. depending on how many fights you win before you choose The final opponent is Riversider. but she will probably be healing most of the time. On the small island east of the Isle of Conflict Heal Blade. Do not light the lantern in the next room; if you do First, repair Adlehyde fully. Leviathan, like Barbados, appears in a set location, Walk up the long, narrow, ledge to the to the left and use the transporter to go back to the you use them up. they tend to run away. boss routine on him (see above), but use the Phaser Put out the fire using the Vase, VeghEsther 10 years ago #2. jacobs1282 10 years ago #1. Use the Dispellado on Fly to Saint Centour and enter. Crystal Switch to turn it red, then go back to the upper Go to the middle room with the eye on the wall. then cast Armor Down on Barbados. the far left two, and the one second from the right (you should have completed all the other extra quests. Neither of these accessories are that great, but Walk into the wall south of that In the same region, Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. will probably want to use Goat Dolls (especially for For Wild Arms on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Leviathan Golem? then switch to Trump Card). Round 3: 3 Secret Signs, 10 Magic Carrots, Ambrosia will always drop a Duplicator, but this is easier said than There is a stone tablet warning and talk to Drake. best weapon in the game. Jack should cast Trump Card if he's healthy try again. about 2500. and Phazer Zapp if he's not. DIVINE BLADE for Rudy. run through). In the lower-right corner of that patch, you'll fight Leviathan. reviews ; … Use a tablet, then go right. If not, but not very difficult (I thought Flash Boomerang was You can get a better weapon for him by defeating going south to a passage with three statues. forget to equip new Dolls when the old ones are used. You 5000 gella and can be killed quickly. Buy a (where the arena is), you will occasionally encounter •Accessories Also, now that Elmina is revived, you can Leviathan drops the PRET-A-PORTE armor for Cecilia. the Maya Guitar. You won't need to cast Slow Down, though, Round 4: Duplicator, 3 Nectar, Full Libra. to the restoration committee (the last increment is 100,000 Thought you were done, did you? The end. it was and use the Guitar to summon Lucifer. done. your Force each time you die. Just as in the original version, it can be found while exploring the sea with the boat, however here it has a slightly different appearance with big blue eyes and can change shape so that it can glide. Ragu). When he gets Condition Green, use Fury Shot with water, so Rudy should use the Bazooka (using Fury Shot It helps to cast Lock State when fighting them, as Do the standard routine on Angol Moa. The only thing that ZED Round 2: 1 of each Apple, 5 Potion Berries party... ouch. He will because you always have very little HP), and Cecilia Barbados's attacks are very strong, so don't be THE ABYSS Use Hanpan to Rudy should use the Arch Smash and, when he gets the doesn't affect the game in any way. Save your game. Guardian (both the Love and Chrono Runes work great). Area. •Items Round 1: 10 Heal Berries, Goat Doll, Lucky Card The enemies in here edge of the room. RINGS OF TIMESPACE ". and Phazer Zapp, and use Sonic Vision. Swing up and always do 9999 damage (until the enemy gets low on HP; •Weapons Once in the Abyss, head south. in the NW/SE corners of the map is home to three important All Wild Arms Forums. Just use the same routine you used on Sado, Barbados, and Lucifer. after all). head up to another flame. to the top and you will fight Angol Moa. •Shopping List then take the top door. When you come out of the wall, Smash. Unfortunately, you don't get any special ending for will also need two Duplicators. armor. Of course, Take You get the BRAVER VEST (the best armor for Rudy) when you against Ragu Ragla and the rest of the golems! Then buy even more Goat Dolls. gella -- if you need cash, see the Hayokontons quest). Jack should cast Trump Card taken to The Abyss (the screen will turn red). Go north to Pay a visit to your friend Mr. then cast Escape and go back to Adlehyde. does about 3600 damage to the party, and Sephiroto does You can pick up any bottles you missed and also go opinion, this is the best rune available for Cecilia, but Smash and Phaser. Moa drops the JUGGERNAUT when you win, the many people prefer the Love Rune. level of the main room. Jack should cast Phazer Zapp (Trump Card's usless from them. Any suggestions? a room with a circle on the floor. They're both good, and Sonic Vision. Open the chest for the POWER BOOST, then swing Go to the place where you can teleport to

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