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prs silver sky neck profile

Joined: ... Didn’t love the neck profile - too much shoulder for me. The PRS neck does not have a volute. Smith has described the Silver Sky’s 635JM neck profile as “splitting the difference between a ’63 and a ’64 carve”, but perhaps one of the most contentious aspects of the guitar as far as the online reaction … I play using my thumb over the top of the … 25.5” on Silver Sky, 305. With the Silver Sky, PRS manages to blend the quality and precision the brand is known for with the best elements of vintage instruments. SE Neck Measurements WIDTH OF THE FRETBOARD AT THE NUT: ... Guitars with these PRS neck profiles … Happy New PRS Silver Sky day! 24.5” on the SC 58, Santana, Starla, Starla X, Mira X and 245 models. The Quicksilver neck will also accommodate Sperzel Locking Tuners & LSR 40 to 1 tuners, The PRS tuners are locking tuners also but they are much harder to use than a Sperzel. Name: Silver Sky Colors: Onyx, Tungsten, Horizon, Frost Body: Alder (2 or 3 pieces) Polyester base coat, Acrylic urethane top coat. If I was to give... Thread by: bluesmantis , Mar 18, 2020 , 1 replies, in forum: PTC - PRS … FEATURES The basic construction features are what one would expect for a solidbody guitar with this design: alder body, bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 25.5-inch scale length and 22 frets and three single-coil pickups with master volume and two tone controls.However, numerous details reveal that a lot of thought and refinement went into the Silver Sky… Its fingerboard is loaded with 22 custom-sized frets, and it boasts a 25.5" scale length and 7.25" radius. I think they"ve changed the name to "Pattern Regular". Imagine you could cherry-pick your favorite frequencies from a vintage Strat and ditch the wonky ones. Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by Stamos6669, Mar 26, 2018. (Standard for PRS… At Sweetwater, we're intimately familiar with the unique feel of classic American electric guitars, and we can attest — PRS … The Silver Sky's bolt-on neck is patterned after John Mayer's beloved vintage instruments. The hang tag on it is dated 11/14/19 so I'm thinking it … Can anyone tell me how to find out what year my PRS silver sky is? So I don't get why people are so surprised at the Silver sky, it's not like PRS … ... PRS has a John Mayer signature called the Silver Sky. Messages: 83. But I understand the 2020 rosewood models have a new neck that rounded off the shoulders, so I‘d probably like that more. Here are some notes I took during our very detailed meeting with Paul as he described the Silver Sky and why he did what he did. I have a 2019 Silver Sky and I'm looking to alter the neck to make it more like the 2020 Silver Sky with rounder shoulders. Pair that with a vintage-inspired neck profile and modern contoured body, and you’ll get the Silver Sky. They sound amazing, look amazing, and because of this, they are … 25.25” on 513, 509, DC3, and NF3. So Has Anyone Played A PRS Silver Sky Yet? ... PRS Silver Sky John Mayer. I'm curious because I've read the neck profile was changed for 2020. Stratbats, Sep 27, 2020 #9. strat1339 Strat-Talk Member. 16. It's my favorite PRS neck shape, because it's a little narrower than the "wide" and the "thin". Not that it absolutely needs one but that's another way PRS missed adding mass to the neck … Very recently PRS reissued the EG in their Korean made SE range, I owned one. IDENTIFYING NECK PROFILES. The EG model had an Alder body and was the very first PRS model to have a bolt on neck.

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