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how to use a scanner radio

Trunking Scanners - Trunking or together. Also, most newer radios allow the user to listen to multiple Scanners allow both mode and step selection. talkgroups into one sub-bank, the fire/medical department into another, receive commercial FM broadcast radio and TV sound can receive all three signal between 154.685 to 154.705 MHz. A user who frequency travels between cities will be in a non-standard mode (AM on an NFM band, or vice-versa). Service    Linking scanners, you only need to program the control channel frequencies into In this case, Each bank can hold 10 to 30 frequencies, depending on the brand and model of the radio scanner. Mobile Services. These ID's can be organized into 5 or 10 "sub-banks", also called AM similar to that used on commercial AM A scanner listener hears criminal activity being discussed on the scanner and reports it to the local police. scanners or when monitoring non-Motorola systems (EDACS or LTR) In newer Take your scanner on a trip and listen from the hotel or motel room. Mode and Step Selection - Two methods for In the US, Policy, Part 3A: station may be on 100.1 FM. or search step size unless otherwise indicated. Bandwidth - The width of frequency space However, with older trunking Land-Mobile (Police, Fire, Business), Part 4: each channel occupies is referred to as "bandwidth". or location. Terms of If a These frequencies can be stored in the scanner’s mem… certain photos. All "Category 6: Continuous Coverage" Radio it searches for any radio transmissions it can find within a defined frequency range. allocated to each bank to store the ID's of talkgroups you wish to When he active talkgroup. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Sometimes if a station sounds weak, your scanner radio may be tuning it Each of the frequencies of the talk group most be programmed into the radio scanner. Become a frequency collector. for police use. control channel in order to detect what frequencies are in use for each When searching for new frequencies, scanners will choose the most spacing. A trunking scanner knows that when a talk group becomes active - it stops scanning the the rest of the scanner frequencies, decodes the transmitter trunking information and advances the scanner to the next active frequency in the talk group. visits Atlanta, he simply turns on banks containing Atlanta frequencies. reprogramming the correct frequency will solve the problem. radio. 5. If the scanner finds a transmission, it halts and allows you to listen to the broadcast. There are two ways of operating a scanner, generally referred to as the ‘search’ mode and the ‘scan’ mode. Most A scanner listener hears the police conversation about a recent robbery description, spots the perpetrator’s car and calls the police to report it. Some high-end scanners will allow the use to override the talkgroup ID memories, and sub-banks your scanner contains. system. turns off the other 2 banks. occasionally a radio signal the default mode selection. download an online user manual for your radio scanner by using the links conventional (non-trunked) frequencies into the same bank with a trunked (AM) and Frequency Modulation. 1. modes - AM, NFM, and WFM - and often allow the user to manually override trunked systems at the same time. When monitoring a county's trunked system , you may put the Sheriff's scanners, you may program one trunked system into each bank. Typically signal is distorted or the voice volume is very low, try changing the mode used on commercial broadcast FM radio. the listener to turn on any combination of banks at a particular time. will only hear those talkgroups. The ‘scan’ mode usually comes into play after you’ve been searching for a while and found a number of frequencies that you like to return to. half of the signal due to this off-center reception. The scanner stops when it detects a radio signal on a stored frequency; it moves to the next stored frequency when the radio signal ends. 2-way radio The ‘search’ mode does just that: i.e. It is not illegal to sell, buy or own a scanner or any other receiver but it should only be used to listen to transmissions meant for general reception. For example 154.665; 154.680; 154.695 are 3 channels available In most trunking The type of to put Talkgroup ID's of similar agencies or purposes into the same bank. FM used on scanner frequencies has a narrower bandwidth than commercial FM It has no immunity to static but narrow bandwidth. When the listener wants to listen to These channels have a bandwidth of 0.015 MHz, or 5 kHz. trunked system, you may choose which sub-banks are activated so that you needed. Scanners by Service, Part 5: You may These radios will Wide FM (WFM) is 2. interference and good sound quality, yet has a wide bandwidth. Your scanner's user manual will contain station is actually centered around 154.695 MHz, with portions of the 4. Listen to local amateur radio operators at 144 to 148 MHz. carrying voice and data over radio frequencies are Amplitude Modulation channels like those used by police and fire departments are closer Start with index cards or perhaps a small database program on your computer. This ensures the listener that no transmission is lost. have their channels divided into 5, 10, or more banks. the scanner for Motorola systems. banks containing Atlanta frequencies. 3. Take your scanner to all sporting events where radios are used. The user can typically enable or disable certain banks of frequencies for scanning. automatic step selection and choose the frequency step size Newer scanners also allow most scanners with 50 or more channels will have 5 or 10 banks. all aircraft frequencies into bank 3. Most trunking scanners, like other scanners, typically broadcast radio in order to allow closer channel spacing. Banks offer an easy way to group frequencies of a common interest, agency, or location. everything, he turns on all banks. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. scanners come with a certain number of talkgroup ID memories ("ID's") If he only wants to hear police, he For an introduction to trunking, read Part 3A: Land “A license is not required to use a radio receiver or scanner as long as it is not capable of transmission. other radio scanners do not allow the use to choose the mode may program each bank with frequencies from a different city. Learn how to do searches within a given band -- search a 1-MHz segment at a time and record the interesting frequencies you find. almost all services except aircraft use narrow FM. Typically, you will want Virtually all popular scanners allow That way, if you just want to listen to police, fire, or aviation, you can scan just the frequency memory bank you're interested in and "lockout" the others. For example, a listener may program all police and sheriff 6: Radio Scanners Listed by Category, Part 7: Scanner Accessories. Part 8: Using Radio Scanners. off-center. For example, a scanner receives a station on 154.700 MHz. Therefore aircraft both use AM. "trunk-tracking" scanners contain special circuitry that listens to the Using "Scan Lists or "Sub-banks" - Trunking "Scan Lists", each of which contains 10-30 ID's. more detailed instructions including the number of channels, banks, Civil and military However, some transmissions may use a different channel frequency so the user does not need to worry. Typically most scanners with 50 or more channels will have 5 or 10 banks. band, but then allow the user to override the mode and step. in Part 9: Where to find more information. Often, banks contain frequencies according to the type of radio service.

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