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gigabyte aero 15 issues

Have you come across this issue before? Check out our What We Know So Far section or our Fun Reads for some interesting original features. (all of which apply to all laptops, not just aero 15). Both of them sound like software issues though which could be fixed with a reinstall. There’s a feature in Windows 10 that lets you remove all the files and programs. Gigabyte Aero 15 Wifi Issues. Intel Driver & Support Assistant and can be found here. All I do in Intel’s UTX is change the “Core Voltage Offset”. Thank you in advance! Also, what has helped me the most with high temps is undervolting the CPU. Do you think it is better to refund it ? Thought it was a software problem so I did a fresh Windows install but didn’t solve it. The second thing I did is more of a general smart thing to do when you have a laptop, buying a cooling pad. I started looking at Windows laptops for the first time in my life, and I fell for the Aero. With an impressive CPU (although hot, literally) and a 1070 Max Q design graphic card from Nvidia, it’s hard not to be curious about the performance. I know there are a few posts already out there about the Aero 15X, and I've tried my best to follow them but I haven't had much success with the suggestions. That’s how I do it on my v8 at least. Recently, I picked up a pair of Bose QC35 bluetooth headphones. When I started it up, it acted like a new windows installation and it let me set it up with my Microsoft account and settings. Throttlestop is a popular alternative, here is a short guide about undervolting CPUs with it. I have been using a Macbook for the past five years when traveling, but as a gamer, a MacBook will let you down if you try to run any of the latest video games. You should check whether it’s active without anything running. Shall I delete the too. So the problem is the way this laptop is set up when it comes out of the box. Thank you! Any suggestions for an alternative. Some basic knowledge about computers is recommended before you attempt the steps below, but if you’re buying this kind of laptop, it’s probably not your first one. I had to do a real clean install. On the forums there are a lot of posts where people do fresh installs and run into BSODs and driver mismatch.. Did you have any issues later on after you did this write up? I imagine that there is a recovery partition. Then download the latest Nvidia drivers from Nvidia’s website. Also make sure you install the same Windows edition it came with for the digital license to activate. Let me know if you have software issues in the future and I’ll try to help out. Go to Gigabyte’s website to download drivers, Best RV/Camping Gear Deals (Black Friday 2020), How To Keep Your Aero And Electronics Charged When Traveling. With an Intel i7-7700k processor and Nvidia 1060, this laptop was better than most gaming PCs. The great thing about doing this on this laptop is that it doesn’t lower your performance, but the opposite. As noted above, with a superb battery life, this was being touted as one of the best gaming laptops currently on the market. I assume that you’re still under warranty, so I recommend contacting Gigabyte and have them take a look at it. I have two last question. I know you posted a couple, but in my version I have the killer drivers for bluetooth, LAN and WLAN, and a software called Nahimic. But before you do that, I suggest taking a look at the task manager to see if it’s a specific process that’s causing the computer to work so hard. First, I’d like to tell you what GPU and CPU temperatures I saw before I did anything about it. The problem is probably in the power circuitry though, like a loose connector or a bad part, which might be sending the wrong voltage to the SSD and killing it. I used Rufus USB to create a bootable USB drive, you must set the partition scheme to GPT. I don’t know if I’m just lucky but I bet installing most drivers through Intel’s program has helped make it stable. I've had the laptop for about a couple weeks now and can't figure out what the issue is. I still had issues and I still don’t understand why because it’s supposed to do a clean install this way. Second one: can I reinstall windows directly without first going through the stock windows setup? In case you do, Intel’s UTX will automatically reset your voltage not to damage anything. Hello Hafizh, It sounds like a software issue, so reinstalling Windows might fix it. That sounds like a huge pain to deal with and unacceptable. Aero 15X Battery Issues . I recommend using this to update your drivers. Ok – googled and found out that the NVME drive couldn’t be recognized by the BIOS until Windows is installed. At HEXUS, we invite the companies whose products we test to … Close. Hey all, I've noticed somewhat of a trend with a couple of Aero 15 users where if you would move your laptop the wifi connection would drop. Sorry about that. As you have suggested in a previous post I also use to use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to undervolt the CPU but the latest Windows 10 update had killed it. If you’re doing a clean install through the Windows app linked above, Windows will help you go through the steps of doing a clean install. The battery issue might’ve been due to crappy Nvidia drivers that activate the GPU even when browsing the web. Although the fault is not serious, it concerns enough to warrant a full recall. If any other issues show up, I will create another post about it. You are mentioning completely whipping the drive. I started playing Rocket League and after 10 minutes my CPU would be at 90°C. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. R … So far it has been great and exceeded my expectations. I’ve seen that too and was worried about it but I haven’t had a single bsod or driver mismatch since I reinstalled everything, about five months ago now. I’m thinking of 10% more fan speed each 10°C… leaving 100% if it goes beyond 90% so I’m aware something is going wrong. Choose your specific model here. At the Camping Nerd, I write about our favorite camping and RV gear. I’m getting my Aero 15 today and am curious about the fresh install of windows. I thought that it was just old drivers causing issues so I did what everyone else would’ve, I updated the drivers. GIGABYTE AERO 15-X9-7DE4410P last month, I updated all drivers but I had some problems with that like the battery life ,the control center didnt work. I had one where literally every time the computer was activated (turned on from being off, turned on from sleep mode, screen closed then opened, everything) the whole keyboard would stop working, only a few keys registered inputs but they would output the wrong value. A policy which should be adopted by other companies. Hi, I have been for the most part enjoying my AERO 15 since getting it. But just recently its gotten stuck in a BIOs loop and noticed the new drive wasn’t being recognised by the boot up, same issue as before. I’m wondering if anyone else has had any issues like this that you’ve heard about. Fans, RGB, temperatures, updates, charging settings and even built-in brightness and volume controls. It brought down the temperature of the CPU under load by an additional 10-15°C. If you don’t, Windows can help you as long as you have a valid Windows 10 license. Jesse. I go into detail about max-Q, undervolting, and speaker tuning. Hm… so I arranged a Windows recovery USB-Stick and it worked. Even with full load, my old Asus G53 doesn’t make that sound as the Aero while just working on the installation. Since downloading this driver, I haven’t had any problems with that. By clicking "Agree"; below, you consent to G-Style's collection of this information. Not bad for a gaming laptop. Do you think it can cause by the control center and others thing update? I also make sure to do a clean install of every new Nvidia driver. I bought a pair for myself after buying a pair for my wife and she has loved them. Info is pulled from the 230 page long thread, plus other forums. I am asking this in regard of that I don’t know if windows still needs to register the hardware. and what do you think about repasting? I can download drivers here that haven’t been recognized by Gigabyte, so they haven’t been added to Smart Update or their Downloads page. Aero 15X Battery Issues.

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