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fender telecaster professional shawbucker review

“We also used a small wide range cover on the Shawbuckers with three poles over three poles as opposed to six across. Home Gitarre Test Fender American Professional Telecaster 2018 Test. The company was in the beginning stages of creating the new flagship American Professional Series of guitars and basses, and the pickups would be a huge part of the project. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Jul 17, 2019 #1. The Stratocaster HH was another challenge with the addition of the Shaw-designed Shawbucker 2 humbucker in the bridge position pairing with the Shawbucker 1 in the neck position. Twitter. It’s the addition of these new pickups that truly brings new life to this reinvigorated guitar model. It’s a Tele that is Instantly recognizable and very musical.”. American Original 60s Telecaster Thinline. It’s out with the Standard and in with the Professional, as Fender overhauls its US workhorses for 2017. That’s been done on a boutique level before, but this gave us an opportunity to voice them for position and purpose on instruments produced at a larger scale.”. Cons Unpotted coils won’t suit players using excessive gain. 2017 Fender American Professional Telecaster Deluxe Shawbucker With the American Professional Stratocaster, all three single-coil pickups vary, with a blend of alnico II and III for the bridge, alnico II and V for the middle and alnico V for the bridge. Aaron1061 Tele … Facebook. Aus der frisch eingeführten Player Series liegt uns die Player Telecaster zum Test vor. With the use of these newly designed humbuckers that classic Tele bite and twang is underpinned by a greater breadth of sonic frequencies – most specifically, a greater low-end presence. The MIM Player range is the most affordable Fender series, and the Telecaster is one of the best models in the line-up. A great Fender Telecaster should sound the business before you even plug it into a guitar amp. “And we discovered that if we weren’t careful the ‘quack’ of two and four went away. All of these improvements—in addition to the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass, both of which house a combination of alnico II and V—have made the American Professional Series pickups one of Fender’s latest and greatest innovations. The magnets in the American Professional Telecaster are positioned inversely from the Strat’s middle pickup. Today’s version, the American Professional Telecaster Deluxe ShawBucker, brings modern, player- oriented features to the stage and studio, and can still make an amp sizzle without breaking a sweat.With its flexible sound and vintage-voiced pickups, the Telecaster Deluxe adds a touch of girth to the traditional Telecaster twang and bite. Give one a good old strum and you should expect to hear loads of sustain and a bright tone. Classic-sounding humbuckers - with a twist. “There’s a lot of versatility, and it also has a treble bleed that is voiced for it.” The magnets in the American Professional Telecaster are positioned inversely from the Strat’s middle pickup. Back in the fall of 2015, Fender’s resident pickup guru Tim Shaw (whose proper title is chief engineer) was tasked with a very important assignment. “The trick with the Strat is that positions two and four are just as important as positions one, three and five,” Shaw explained. Share. Telegram. That mixed-magnet concept continued to the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass models, with those pickups being refined and completed by engineer Michael Bump. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. WhatsApp. Check out our review of its cousin in the American Professional series here. It just makes really good musical sense.”. The new modern “Deep C”-shaped neck profile feels just right in your hand while the narrow-tall frets make it easy to bend strings accurately and play perfectly intonated chords.The best of yesterday and today, the American Professional Telecaster Deluxe ShawBucker is the latest form of electric inspiration from Fender. To crack the code, Shaw experimented with various types of alnico magnets, even putting different strength magnets in the same pickup. “The American Standard line was not ‘broken’, but we were able to say, ‘OK, what can we do to tweak them?” said Shaw, who has designed pickups for various other brands under the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation umbrella. Test. Die neue Fender American Professional Telecaster Deluxe zeigt sich bei uns im Test als hochwertig verarbeitete und vielseitig klingende E-Gitarre, die dennoch ein paar Kritikpunkte einstecken muss. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan. “It was fun to be a part of. Fender PlayBLACK FRIDAY SALE: Get 50% off an Annual Plan.UNLOCK THIS OFFER. 9th January 2017. Available now: the late ‘60s and early ‘70s guitarists wanted hum-free tone based on the sound of an amp about to blow up. So we then focused on reversing the magnets on the middle pickup, with alnico II on the bass and V on the treble because it made the quack sounds better. “I messed with the winding on that one a little bit because I’m trying to keep the clarity of a Tele pickup without stabbing an icepick into your forehead,” he said. American Professional Telecaster - Review Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by Aaron1061, Jul 17, 2019. Copyright ©2020. Retain high end clarity when adjusting the volume controls, thanks to the new treble-bleed tone circuit that lets your tone shine through in all its glory. “The Shawbucker 2 is not tremendously hotter, but it’s enough that those two balance well,” he said. Image: Fender . The bridge pickup is everything you need, too. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. This ash semi-hollow is a serious callback to the thinline … Pros Good weight, resonance, build, playability and adjustability. Fender bleibt rührig. If it sounds good acoustically it should be a winner when you amplify it. Towards the end of 2016, Fender’s American Standard Series began to be heavily discounted at retailers, which could mean only one thing – new models were on the horizon. When the Fender Telecaster was born, Elvis Presley was a schoolboy; rationing was still a reality in post-war Britain; and the Queen's old man, King George VI, was on the throne. The process took months of research and development in both Shaw’s hometown of Nashville and the Fender factory in Corona, Calif., but the outcome is a testament to the effort. We are trying to do things that people who make 20 boutique guitars a year do, but do it for 100 guitars a day. Now we have a Tele where the neck pickup has personality and style.

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