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I wanted to show the guitar’s total versatility on that album with that magical Telecaster, “I wanted all of it on that first album. That was the theory behind putting them on. He would be on a Saturday evening programme for young people, and was the only one really worth watching. And so the Dragon laid dormant. But you and I know that you can make a regular Telecaster sound right if you have access to an old Tonebender, or a decent clone thereof and the right valve amp. “The thing about the guitar, though, is that it has peculiarities about it. “That was what my idea was,” Page concludes. Despite the moniker, you will not be nor play like Jimmy Page, but there is a bit of a rush that comes from playing the Dragon. But his latest project - which the guitar legend says has been all-consuming over the past several years - is a unique collaboration with US guitar manufacturer Fender: a soup-to-nuts recreation of his fabled 1959 ‘Dragon’ Telecaster, gifted to him by his longtime friend Jeff Beck upon joining The Yardbirds in 1966 and used almost exclusively in crafting the genre-defining sounds captured on Led Zeppelin’s debut album, now more than 50 years ago. “It gets to the point where I hear the Presley stuff - the Sun singles where he’s playing incredible rhythm guitar - and I could appreciate that there was acoustic guitar going on,” Page continues, describing his early influences. Review : Cali76 STACKED Edition from Origin Effects, Review : Revival Drive Compact by Origin Effects, Review : Yamaha THR 30II Wireless Amplifier. I own other Fender products out of the Ensenada Mexico factory and have found every one of them to be a well built instrument, a couple of them better than a Corona built Eric Clapton signature. “A graphic artist had done some overlay painting, or colouring, on the black-and-white photographs, because I wanted the continuity in the book to show the fact that this was what it was, so I got in touch with him and said that I really wanted to recreate the guitar and asked if could he help do that, because he’d already done the colouring in the book. We agreed on the outline of what the thing was going to be and then it comes down to a situation of painting by numbers, so that you can get the thing exactly right. “I just wanted to put the guitar back as it was, to give it some TLC and bring it back to life and use it again. “And by the time I got into The Yardbirds, and it was Jeff and myself, I remember I’d be doing a bow section, because they were a very avant garde band, so I didn’t think that was out of character at all. Page says he left the guitar behind when Zeppelin hit the road in 1969. I looked at the guitar and then started to work on it. It was in mid-1967 that he removed the adhesive mirrors and completely stripped and repainted the instrument himself, this time hand-painting a mystical dragon on the guitar. Please refresh the page and try again. Jimmy Page is as busy as ever. It’s a good Mex Tele with a cool paint job. In his absence, the guitar was stripped and repainted by a well-meaning friend, all but ruining it. There’s plenty of unseen photography of their landmark first two years here, with an accompanying narrative from music historian Søren Vangsgaard. It’s a bit more brittle than either my ’67 Custom Shop or my 60th Anniversary which purports to be like a ’51 but it sounds good nonetheless, just different. Page stripped the guitar down again, but ended up abandoning it, using the neck on a B-Bender Tele during his years with The Firm. There was a problem. “I’d heard some music by a composer called [krzysztof ] Penderecki, an ode to the victims of Hiroshima. But he says he did advise Fender firsthand on the design of the guitars to ensure they were true to the original. The guitar includes a vintage style hardshell case. “I’m really excited, knowing that the body has been absolutely cloned and the neck has been absolutely cloned, because it’s a very unusual guitar,” Page says. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, “But, of course, the thing about a mirror is that it’s a reflective surface and I could buy mirrors that were adhesive and put them onto the guitar. I’ve got the paints and they’re exactly what sort of paints I wanted to use, because I’ve already bought them, and I just sort of do it. He’s just loaned some of his most prized electric and acoustic guitars to an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City (including his full stage rig from Led Zeppelin’s 1977 tour), he’s contributed new interviews to a forthcoming documentary about the band helmed by American Epic director Bernard MacMahon, and, he says, he’s been working on new music. The mercurial Beck left soon after, leaving Page as the band’s lead guitarist. Review : Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC. It was too much for them to take onboard! “Curiously enough, I was still trying to keep them together, because I had ideas of what I thought would be good for us to do, to come away from the pop singles that we were being asked to make and just really do something that was a bit more cerebral and more reflective of how we were actually playing live. I’d gotten paints and I had my brushes, because I’d been to art college. When we catch up with him, he’s bright-eyed and practically bouncing with excitement. And I hear this sort of car roar up and I thought, ‘What’s that?’, “I didn’t know it was a car, I just heard this thing roaring up. “I started putting mirrors on it, so that it would be quite interesting in the light when I was playing it during concerts, and I could use it in an optical way with the lights to shine the mirrors on people while I was playing. (Image credit: Jorgen Angel, from new book Led Zeppelin: Denmark 1968-70), Early versions of Dazed And Confused were performed with The Yardbirds with the violin bow section already in place, The Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster, The February 1958 neck date on Jimmy’s Telecaster shows it to be one of the very first with a rosewood fretboard, The dragon finish came about one evening when Jimmy decided he wanted to ‘consecrate’ his guitar, The Fender Custom Shop Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster. Page recalls Led Zeppelin’s first album as a lightning flash experience - “the whole album was done in 30 hours, so that’s pretty mind-boggling” - and his trusty Telecaster was the star of the show.

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