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1971 honda cb750 for sale

For more on the Honda 750 Super Sport, read on past the photos… 800x600 CB750F Super Sport History: Honda of Japan introduced the CB750 motorcycle to the US and European markets in 1969 after experiencing success with their smaller motorcycles. It wasn’t long before the motorcycle was for sale. The original handle bars will go with this beauty to the new owner. Original miles and original motor. Seller assumes no responsibility for any statements regardless of any oral statements about the motorcycle. When he was 14, and for the two years after, he could regularly be seen riding a Honda Express moped around his hometown. The bike remained in the Honda lineup for ten years, with sales totaling over 400,000 in its life span. Add to Watch List Mail to Friend Transporters Inspectors. If you have any questions, please contact me. What attracts you to motorcycling? Unfortunately, about that time, he changed the original Flake Sunrise Orange to the current 1971 CB750 color of Valley Green Metallic to satisfy his wife who always thought the original color looked pink. Up for sale is a 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale! The seat has no rips. Engine starts right up with kick or electric start. He had put an extra $1,000 down on a house he and a friend were buying, and his friend gave him the Yamaha. Also if you are looking for a certain pre 1985 motorcycle, just let me know! After years of snapping at Henry’s heels, the Dodge Brothers, Louis Chevrolet and the rest streaked out front. Much of the performance market Honda had created was lost to them, and in 1975 Honda wasn’t even going to offer a standard CB750. Refine your search. The sissy bar and highway pegs are period correct and were installed when new back in 1972. The VTX1300 is a perfect example of what happens when you build a bike from the inside out. Fuel consumption was slightly worse at 43mpg versus the K’s 45mpg, perhaps because of the lower gearing and a 12-pound weight increase. The engine and transmission are in excellent interior condition due to the low mileage and absence of any type of harsh conditions or abuse throughout its life. “We didn’t abuse the CB750,” concluded Cycle Guide’s review, “but we pushed it to its limits — and then just past.” Further, the F2’s ComStar wheels — light alloy rims riveted to pressed steel struts — were largely unloved. In time it will only increase in value if taken care of. Highbars, turn-indicators and all, it really is a super sporting motorcycle.” — Cycle, May 1975 “Performance-conscious riders will enjoy the added power and acceleration which have brought the machine back to the fringes of the Superbike category, with the added benefit of improved handling.” — Cycle Guide, July 1975 “It handles better than any other standard large Japanese bike I know, which makes it more fun than Honda 750s have ever been.” — Cycle World, November 1975 “The Honda 750F aims to please on too broad a scale to be a truly great motorcycle in any single category. All was not perfect in paradise, however. Craigslist Search, Craigslist is no longer supported *ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL 1-877-730-9267 and ALWAYS ask for the INTERNET DEPARTMENT Aaron Johnson, MJ or Troy Miller *If the above terms are not met Motorsportseller999 reserves the right to relist the item. Very few defects. Arranging and paying for shipping are the responsibility of the buyer. He retired and moved to South Carolina about 10 years ago. Seller has bike posted on other sites and reserves the right to sell at any time through other sources. You want to buy a classic Honda CB 750 Four motorcycle? Honda : CB 1971 honda cb 750 cb 750 k 1 cb 750 k 1 vintage motorcycle superbike. In its May 1975 issue, Cycle said: “The CB750F, tighter gearing not withstanding, is going to get shaded in a straight-line contest of speed with, say a Z-1. 330-847-8650 $2,600.00 3308478650, 1971 cb750 K1 This is a great candidate for restoration/restore, mostly complete, mostly original, original pipes have rust as usual as can be seen in pictures, possibly could be repaired? At over 540 pounds with a half tank of gas, the F2 was also the heaviest 750 so far (with the exception of the 750A automatic), and 10 pounds heavier than the 4-pipe touring K model. Offered for sale is my beautiful 1971 Honda CB750 K1. The frame and engine numbers are factory correct and original. And waiting in the wings were The Suzuki GS750 and the Kawasaki KZ750, both aimed squarely at the market Honda had built, and creating along the way what was to become known as the Universal Japanese Motorcycle or UJM: the air-cooled, 2-valve, DOHC across-the-frame inline four. (120 mm) travel Rear: Fully adjustable unit, adjustable progressive / flat linkage, aluminum 1-sided swingarm; 5.12 in. Wheel chrome also nice. The aluminum parts are in excellent condition overall, but due to the originality, I did not want to go too far polishing any parts. 3,916 miles. We have plenty of secure storage and we understand it takes time to line up a shipper. By the time Honda was marketing the CB750 K4 in 1974, plenty of luster had worn off the model. Standard Motorcycles. And best of all? Please contact me before the sale ends, if possible, to discuss the specifics. In response, Honda detuned the CB’s 736cc power plant — increasing efficiency, but decreasing horsepower. Engine does turn over with good compression. Seller has bike posted on other sites and reserves the right to sell at any time through other sources. Chrome has rust in areas, original paint has fading, side covers have cracks. The rims are also the original Honda rims, as are the spokes, and overall, the wheels are in very nice original condition. When Henry Ford launched the Model T in 1908, there was nothing else like it, and the T established a design template that defined the automobile for more than a decade. All of the plastic fairings, covers, etc. No dents and no dings. The problem? None of that really worried Marcos, however, and he set about getting the Honda running, installing a used but clean set of Flame Sunrise Orange side covers and a matching gas tank.

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